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Village Mystery School & Dream Temple is where the arts of magics and the pursuit of wisdom meet and are brought into dreamtime & waking ritual.

No dogma, only guiding values, principles, and visions.

No coercion of belief, only voluntary association through consensual compatibility and affinity.

We presence ourselves toward loving and responsible relationships with clear agreements, boundaries, and pathways for clearing conflict and reckoning: with ourselves, each other, the ancestors, and all beings.

We commit to our best efforts as reputable, reliable, and resourceful accomplices in the struggles for collective liberation, and to exemplify solidarity and relate through mutual aid.

We gather in sacred ways to extricate ourselves from the bondages of all systems of oppression, to liberate the stolen energy within them, to heal the harms and feed the visions of a world entirely possible.

We commit to transparency, honesty, responsiveness, to learning over achievement, to reviving the arts of the body, to giving attention to the realms of the spirits, and to supporting each witch learning their own way with magic

We gather to blow over the bones, call the supernova, infuse the spells of resistance and resonance with the wisdom gathered from alliance with, and allegiance to, the beyond human life of this world

We call councilway to learn to understand our power – immanent as well as unearned – and become agile and responsible with and for it, as we bring the fortress down

We befriend shadow, find companion in good death, conjure blessing-offering, believe our magic is real, and dwell in holy questions to compel action.

Dream or Sleep Temples have ancient roots in many ancient Greek, Near and Middle Eastern/SWANA cultures and have spread influence through cultural migrations. The essential purpose of a dream temple, stripped of any particular cultural adornments, is for healing and guidance.

Participants enjoin a ritual of intentional ritual dreaming for purposes of understanding malady and receiving support in restoration of self-determined wellness. Village Dream Temples are physical (although not at the moment due to COVID-19), virtual, and magical spaces for sacred oracling and divining of dreaming. Together we dream in the temple of whole-timespace, and gather the whisperings, symbols, and pathways for healing ourselves, our relationships, and our ancestral wounds.

for all inquiries, please email info@villagemysteryschool.com
rain crowe
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about rain crowe

(she/her) rain crowe belongs to many different times while being rooted in this one. She also belongs to lineages of Eastern European peoples who settled on ancestral Pottawattammie lands. She belongs also to disabledqueerfemmedom, hard-working-class people, forty-almost-fifty somethings, and anti-racist white-bodied folx.

She currently lives on the ancestral lands of the Tualatin Kalapuya and Clackamas Chinook peoples. Her vocation comes from years of mosaic studies formally and informally, including Bolad’s Kitchen, university, an unconventional life, and the Reclaiming Tradition.*

This vocation includes spiritual work with individuals and groups around conflict transformation, emergent process of all kinds, ancestral recovery and connection, and courses and programs devoted to being present with the world we’ve inherited and the world we’ll bequeath. Her calling is as originating-channel for, and current vision-keeper of, Village Mystery School and Dream Temple.

She takes delight in simple pleasures, mytho-poetic eloquence, eating with friends, and the messy-beauty of living in collapse.

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*rain's offering is not a transmission of any particular ancestral tradition. It is rooted in the belief that every person has the capacity to have spiritual relations with guides and ancestors. It is an offering of skills and practical knowledge in the spiritual commons. Every participant is encouraged to strengthen their intuition and discernment in having ancestral connection and guidance. Her influences include her own innate spiritual guidance, feminist witchcraft, years of study at Bolad's Kitchen, and ten years of learnings in the Dance for All People community led by Clyde Hall. rain did train with Daniel Foor in a practitionership and completed certification under the Ancestral Medicine guidelines. She left the organization and one may read more about that here. Daniel Foor's "Ancestral Medicine" is a five-step linear system focused on blood ancestors. While rain uses language also found in DF's work, such as "lineage," "blessing," "helpful powers," she regards that as language in the commons. Since disaffiliation from DF and AM, rain has focused on developing an approach to ancestral connection which is rooted in letting the participant/client direct the relationships.

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