an unsettling journey


Longing to Belong invites us to get unsettled in a ritual templeschool space and to learn and practice the elements of a councilway.

Councilway as a living form of sacred conversation infused by the presence and the guidance of the beyond human and spirit worlds, intends to approach and court something different in our engagement with one another. It holds the potential for us to transform harm and to find traction for our lived visions for the world. How we court what we want to happen influences the ‘what’ of that happening.

You are invited to join this facilitated ritual learning container for the conjuring of holy questions about place, story, identity, and power and collapse. Participants are asked to call upon a willingness to explore with vulnerability, response-ability & compassionate courage. And to wonder aloud and to contemplate beyond competency.

Welcome Gathering - November 19

5:30-6:30 PT Live via Zoom

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Session One - November 21

Course material is released for independent group study.

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Session Two - December 5 & 6

10am-4pm PT Live via Zoom





Could we dare to dream inside this holy dark season, the tide between the thinnest autumnal veils and the return of the home star’s full presence? And oracle some vision for the world we wish to bequeath to the ones yet to come?

The blessed underworld season offers us adventure to murk about in the depths of difficult deliberations in service of receiving the wisdoms.

It gives us the precious gift of alchemizing mycelial kinship for solidarity and transformation of harm to liberation.

Guided, and personally intuited, spiritual echo-location will support “staying with the trouble”, as we greet a shame-superiority shadow cycle with our own rooted resilience. Expect feelings to arise and know that together we will move together in the emergent mystery of evocative content.




If we can not or will not make the efforts to unsettle, find each other, and nourish resilience in these times, then how do we presence these times with spiritual dignity?

Here, in the converging crises, with nowhere to run, and the unraveling all about, we have important matters to discuss about how to withstand the death throes of empire, and what and how we will continue to grow from the ashes.

Recovering ways of sorting out important matters requires tenacity and humility.

Getting to know the egregore of supremacism as it may live within each of us, or touches us in some way/s – asks us to not demand or promise absolute safety because magic isn’t always safe.

Session One

Course Videos drop on November 21, 2020

Course content is hosted here on villagemysteryschool.com and a private, password-protected link will arrive via Patreon (you will be notified by email).

You will receive multiple hours of Recorded Video & Discussion Questions, Individual and Group Practices, and Ritual Preparations for the live Zoom gathering of Session Two.

Session Two

December 5-6, 2020

10am-4pm PT

Two 2.5 hour sessions per day with a one-hour lunch in the middle.

We will use the materials generated from your Session One group time* to inform the two days of ritual councilway. You will have the opportunity to convene with other groups through screen share technology.

*All instructions for submission of holy questions will be made clear in the Session One materials.

Discussion forum is offered via our VMS&DT Slack Workspace

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Please note: This Slack workspace is for Patrons and students in the school only, all course channels are archived after the courses end, and the platform is not considered secure. VMS&DT may adjust our Slack settings and capacity at any time while we continue to learn how to attend to the village community in this time of covid. Thank you for your connection to us and for your patience. All blessings.


The cultural identity of whiteness was constructed, and is upheld, to facilitate the colonization of other peoples' lands and cultures in service of Empire and those privileged within.

Whiteness as a construct is irredeemable and inherently pathologically destructive.

Responsibly engaging white and all feelings about whiteness- as an illusion of belonging- is necessary to dissolve the egregore of whiteness and to return the curse of it.

This turns the focus of white-bodied and encultured people toward difficult and enduring questions about accomplice-ship, amends and reparations, and relationship to land and culture.

We each do our work to engage our unique privileges with the intent to dismantle them.

This spellwork is for the ancestors, the embodied, and the descendants.

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This working carries on from the Burning Times Never Ended by taking the understandings of how historical traumas live on, and proposing alternatives to how we come to the matters of importance before us.

We can notice where the patterns of ensorcellment lurk in the shadows and inhibit potent magic. We can choose a different way of navigating the perilous times to come as systems disintegrate.

When polarization and disinformation and avoidance are the default frame for social engagement, we have little hope for the sacred task of leaving a living world for the ones yet to come.

Please join us in the Longing to Belong course, and let us be imperfect together in service of what we each hold as dear.

Please email info@villagemysteryschool.com with any questions.