We each belong to the living interdependent web of all relations in these times of uncertainty and peril. The power of the mycelial and constellational wovenness alive within ourselves a source of wisdom and collective power.

Magic offers us the gift and responsibility of learning, growing and strengthening our own unique witchways.

You cannot buy an identity of witch.

You can feel your own roots in the earth and allow the portal of your own body to open as a vessel for spirit.

Witchways arise from the bone and blood of timespiral lineages, not from commands and ensorcellments to consume that of what is baseless and superficial.

This world beseeches humanity to get regulated, attuned, conscious of entanglement, and focused on presence and action. That kind of resilience requires understanding and embodying the foundations: energetic care of self, ritual foundations for magics, and loving relationship with the elementals and all sacred to guide in calling forth our witchways.

Magical Elements I: introduction to animist witchways part one

Beginner level course : no experience needed, welcome to all

Jan 29th: live Zoom video 10am-5pm PT (1pm to 8pm ET)

  • Gathering, Greeting & Conjuring the Course Container
  • Belonging to Enchantment & The Body as a Portal

Skills: grounding, casting a ritual circle, invoking self into presence of helpers and Holies, understanding one’s own intuitional powers, opening to a consciousness of animist connection with the world’s kin

Learnings: deepening with one’s own unique magical gifts and style, understanding basic relational animism, self-determining one’s own witch-hood, contemplating ethical witchcraft tenets


Magical Elements II: introduction to animist witchways part two

Beginner level course : no experience needed, prerequisite- part one

Feb 5th: live Zoom video 10am-5pm PT (1pm to 8pm ET)

  • Elemental Connection & Magic/s
  • Relational Altars & Offerings
  • Opening Course Container & Parting Ways

Skills: opening to and sensing the elementals, crafting and tending an altar, hand making an offering and delivering with magic, energetic clearing, ritually releasing the container of this course

Learnings: some gifts, tools, and responsibilities of elemental magic, a basic analysis of empire’s energetic influences, self-determined guidelines for wise use of power


“When we live as multisensory beings, we find that we are able to comprehend the language of every living thing. We hear the voices of the trees, and understand the buzzing of the bees. And we come to realize that it is the interwoven substance of these floating rhythms that holds us in delicate balance with all life. Then, our life and our place in creation begins to make sense in a whole new way.”

― Sherri Mitchell, Sacred Instructions: Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit-Based Change

“Witchcraft is part of a living web of species and relationships, a world which we have forgotten to observe, understand or inhabit. Many people reading this paragraph will not know even the current phase of the moon, and if asked for it will not instinctively look up to the current quarter of the sky, but down to their computers. Neither will they be able to name the plants, birds or animals within a metre or mile radius of their door. Witchcraft asks that we do these first things, this is presence.

Animism is not embedded in the natural world, it is the natural world. Our witchcraft is that spirit of place, which is made from a convergence of elements and inhabitants. Here I include animals, both living and dead, human and inhuman. These all have the same origin and ancestry, they form from plants, from copper green life. Bones become soil. The plants have been nourished on the minerals drawn up from the bowels of the earth. These are the living tools of the witch's craft. The cycle of the elements and seasons is read in this way. Flux, life and death are part of this, as are extinctions, catastrophe, fire and flood. We avail ourselves of these, and ultimately a balance is sought. Our ritual space is written in starlight, watched over by sun and moon.

So this leaves us with a simple question. How can there be any Witchcraft if this is all destroyed? It is not a rhetorical question. Our land, our trees, animals and elements hold spirit. Will we let our familiars, literally our family be destroyed? If we hold any real belief and experience of spirit, then it does not ask, it demands us to fight for it.”

― Peter Grey, Apocalyptic Witchcraft


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