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About rain crowe’s Courses, Programs, and Apprenticeship:

First year courses are for human people to understand the course material inside of themselves and begin to integrate toward how it wants to be expressed/enacted upon outside of themselves.

This is a year for focused reflection and magic on echo-locating oneself in timespace, in a grand story, and one which has grief and joy. Learn who your village holds. Learn more about how you belong to the ones you call your people.

Second year programs are for folx who have taken at least three of the four first year courses.

The second year is a service year.

It asks the student to build on the learning for themself from the first year through deeper training and practice to serve the village. The village being the school, local or extended communities, first or chosen families, organizations, the mycellial web of interdependence we are woven within, and the times we live in.

Apprenticeship year is for folx who have completed a second-year program and who are both still learning, and also offering their gifts beyond the immediate village. Those who want to actively support the school and dream temple and receive personal support for life visions outside of the school and temple.

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Over the eight years of the school and dream temple finding their way into form, four core courses, and two mentorship programs have emerged.

The first year courses move the participant through an arc of story and magic. Each course works the story from a different place in the ecosystem of mythical and magical engagement.

Each course is contextualized in the arc of the story as part of setting the container for the working, and offers magical practices, voluntary homework, the opportunity to learn a handcraft, and emphasizes consensual web weaving amongst the cohort and with preceding cohorts.

All the courses encourage and support participants' connection with lineages of ancestors who are wise and loving as a source of support, protection, and guidance.

Yearly courses are mapped on the Wheel of The Year, following the rhythm of the seasons.

Witches by Holbein in purple

The Burning Times Never Ended: Remembering Resistance and a Story of Disenchantment

This foundational course lluminates the historical trauma of capitalism born of times of heretic and witch hunts and the conditioning of human people to be subservient producers and reproducers through methods of terror and dehumanization. The course seeks to make a place for understanding how many Euro-descended people carry the deep wounds of Christian colonization, and the consequences of the export of that trauma as colorism, white supremacism, settlerism, enslavement and conquest.

Longing to Belong: An Unsettling Journey

This course picks up the thread of BTNE, and sets the table for the feast of TACT-work through embodied magic of calling councilway. An ancestral and beyond-human council for deliberation, contemplation, curiosity, intuition, courage. It is a continuation of the befriending of shadow as one goes into self intimate considerations about identity, belonging, power, and more. The councilway is a template which invites us to sacred conversation and holy question about reckoning, recovery, reparation, reconciliation, and redeeming worth through integrity anchor this working.

Trauma-Aware Conflict Transformation (TACT): Ancestral Skills for Collapse

Picks up the story threads of the export of intergenerational trauma from European peoples by examining how trauma shows up in conflict responses, accountability processes, and organizing, with an attention to the influence from systems of oppression. TACT offers a philosophy, approach, framework and magic for addressing trauma within conflict on the interpersonal to group levels. It is a buffet of practical and spiritual information about how to be more resourced and prepared for conflict through applied practice with complexity and intuition..

The Wylder Edge: Re-enchanting Ourselves to the Song of the World

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Is the counterpoint to the Burning Times Never Ended and the emphasis is on a return- through ancestral connection for guidance and support, specifically to intuitively conjure one’s own non-appropriated animistic spirituality and magic. The course works with prayer, blessing, and offering as relationship-tending to the Holy Wyld, and how our alliance with and allegiance to the beyond human is paramount to leaving a living world for the descendants. We seek to understand the responsibilities we have as self-reflective creatures to the times we live within.

Registration for the first year courses is through our Patreon.

You may sign up for one offering by subscribing for two months, or stay a subscriber and attend the entire year and receive access to special writings, our VMS Slack Workspace*, and more.

Currently all four courses will be offered virtually in the 2020-2021 calendar year beginning in September 2020 with The Burning Times Never Ended.

*Our Slack workspace is for Patrons and students in the school only, all course channels are archived after the courses end, and the platform is not considered secure. VMS&DT may adjust our Slack settings and capacity at any time while we continue to learn how to attend to the village community in this time of covid. Thank you for your connection to us and for your patience. All blessings.