VillaGE MysTery SCHooL

& Dream Temple


an ancestrally nourished and guided approach to liberation cosmologies

a home for subversive magic in perilous times

a refuge for the long returning to the holy


Visionary Learning
& Magical Kinship
for the World of Now
and Becoming

Upcoming VMS Events:



Jan 29 + Feb 5 2022

Beginner level course : no experience needed, welcome to all

Magical Elements I : introduction to animist witchways part one

Jan 29th : live zoom video

  • Gathering, Greeting & Conjuring the Course Container
  • Belonging to Enchantment & The Body as a Portal

Skills: grounding, casting a ritual circle, invoking self into presence of helpers and Holies, understanding one’s own intuitional powers, opening to a consciousness of animist connection with the world’s kin

Learnings: deepening with one’s own unique magical gifts and style, understanding basic relational animism, self-determining one’s own witch-hood, contemplating ethical witchcraft tenets


Magical Elements II : introduction to animist witchways part two

Beginner level course : no experience needed, prerequisite- part one

Feb 5th : live zoom video

  • Elemental Connection & Magic/s
  • Relational Altars & Offerings
  • Opening Course Container & Parting Ways

Skills: opening to and sensing the elementals, crafting and tending an altar, hand making an offering and delivering with magic, energetic clearing, ritually releasing the container of this course

Learnings: some gifts, tools, and responsibilities of elemental magic, a basic analysis of empire’s energetic influences, self-determined guidelines for wise use of power

Call for altar photos!

Submit a photo of your altar for our altar gallery:

The circumstances of these times ask us to move as though the world needs us, they ask us to transform fear into liberatory power and open ourselves to courage and creativity.


Village Mystery School & Dream Temple seeks to evoke emergent responsiveness to the converging crises of collapse in all forms, and to craft and tend a seedbank of re-membering ¨

Ç the magic sources from an ancestrally-recovered animist orientation and through the body, a portal of magic.

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Village Mystery School is an
emergent collaborative practice space cultivated and tended by rain crowe along with others.

The Dream Temple is the visionary, oracular and ceremonial dreamtime space to facilitate access to the world-behind-the world as it informs our learning.
These two aspects are entangled and intra-active, the way the lake evaporates into the clouds to become rain.